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easy eyelash care

You have finally got your new luxurious lash extensions and you want to make sure that you won’t ruin them, and your lashes stay fresh and beautiful for the longest time possible. 

Here are some basic practices to help you take care of your gorgeous lashes. 

Special care is required but overall maintenance is low.

Here are the top care tips from our certified eyelash extension professionals:

Be real.
Have realistic expectations. This is a synthetic fibre connected artificially to your natural eyelashes, so they are durable, but not indestructible. Be mindful with your activities when wearing lashes, and you will love your results long term.

She's smart.
Listen to your technician. Length, weight, style, and design all are individual specific—if you lash stylists say NO to a specific length or look, it’s for your own good.

Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours. 
The adhesive used to bond the eyelash extensions to your natural lashes takes time to set fully. If the adhesive doesn’t bond properly, the extensions won’t last as long as they should.
Avoid humid areas, hot showers, direct water streams, hot steam, saunas, pool. Light mist is okay.

Feel free to swim.
After the first 24-48 hours the adhesive is set and is waterproof and you can go ahead and hit the pool, shower, swim, exercise etc. 

Please don't play!
Your eyelashes shed 1 to 5 lashes daily due to the lash cycle, so when you have extensions you do not want to cause premature shedding.
It’s tempting to constantly check your extensions or play with them. The more you mess with them, the quicker they’ll fall off. Touch them when absolutely necessary.
To reduce fallout, resist rubbing your eyes or pull on them. Don’t pull, pluck, twist, or fuss with the extensions.  If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off—you'll risk losing your natural lashes. Let them come out on their own, and brush them back into place in the meantime.

Comb those beauties!
To keep lashes separated after being wet and to prevent any criss-crossing or out of place lashes, comb daily with a clean mascara spoolie wand. Close one eye, place the wand on top of your lashes, then roll the brush over lashes to keep them defined.

Try not to bake them.
Extensions are heat-resistant but not heatproof. High temperatures will disintegrate the adhesive which will cause premature shedding. Keep them from direct heat. Avoid the heat from the oven and excessively hot showers, steam rooms or saunas.

Sleep on your back.
Try not to sleep face down, which can crush and crimp the lashes and cause fallout. Plus, your tech will know when she sees you! Satin pillow cases can prevent your extensions getting caught on the fabric of the regular cases.

The Right Stuff.
Since extensions aren’t part of your real lashes, they don’t get the same nutrients that keep your lashes naturally flexible. To give your extensions the same flexibility, use extension-safe products to spritz on or brush on. Don’t do this during the first few days to avoid weakening the adhesive.

Regular Refills.
Refills are part of maintaining long lasting eyelash extensions. Only lashes that need to be replaced due to natural eyelash growth are done. It’s a quick visit that’s only needed every 2-4 weeks, but it keeps your lashes looking amazing.

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