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Certified Eyelash Extension Training

Certified Lash Technician Training
In our training, we emphasize on creating flawless looks and caring for healthy lashes, not just simply learning how to place lashes onto lashes.

This is a hands on class and you will have the opportunity to lash one another under supervision and guidance from your instructor!

Its fun, friendly and fabulous!

• Health and safety 
• Product information 
• Workstation set up and tools needed 
• The consultation & prepping client for application 
• Style mapping 
• Applying the extension 
• Removal 
• Fills 
• Review 
• Questions 
• Creating texture 
• Troubleshooting 
• Marketing your new business 

• Correct taping and/or gel pad application 
• Correct posture: Hand and tweezer position 
• Correct technique for positioning and picking up lashes 
• Single eyelash isolation 
• Application of adhesive to a synthetic eyelash 
• Classical technique of one-by-one eyelash extension 
• Proper techniques of eyelash extension alignment, application, correction, and removal 
• Eyelash extension full set, fill, and removal 
• Practice on each other (eye pad application and isolation techniques), application and removal of lashes. 

Advanced Lash Techniques

At this point you have completed your Certified Lash Technician training and completed 10 full sets of lash extensions on your live models. 

This is a one on one evaluation of 2 hours. You must bring a live model and be prepared to do a full set of lashes under supervision.

During this time you will be able to have any questions or concerns addressed, correct common mistakes, advanced tips and tricks, business advice and discuss various topics in depth. 

This is an opportunity
 to check in with your instructor to evaluate your progress and receive a certificate in recognition of all your hard work!

Your instructor will work with you to make sure your technique is flawless and your business is moving forward. Find out what's holding you back! 

We care about your success!


classic and volume eyelash extension training:
our two day alter image eyelash extension course will educate you on all the fundamentals of eyelash extensions and working in the industry. after completing our course you will feel completely confident in starting your career as an eyelash technician! kit included.

Professional Eyelash Extensions and Certified Lash Extension Training. Buy eyelash extension products in our online webstore. Edmonton Alberta