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Master Lash Stylist
I am the founder of Alter Image Lash Studio and Learning Centre, which is accredited and insured. After enjoying over a decade of success in the aesthetics industry my passion for styling lashes has grown into a complete obsession. I’m a Leduc, Alberta, Canada based Certified Master Lash Stylist, highly skilled in the application of synthetic eyelash extensions. My eyelash extension background includes over 3 1/2 years and 6,000 hours of lash application as well as a full personal clientele of 20-25 clients per week. I was originally professionally trained by Lavish Lavishes® founder Mary Jane Dana. 

My passion for this art has lead me to open a Learning Centre to share my experience and dedication with eager students who also wish to become lash artists and business owners. My workshops provide one on one training, I believe this the best way of mastering this precious skill. 

My objective is to provide information on what a quality set of lashes should look and feel like and how to provide the best care for your clients investment. We as lash artists/stylists need to offer a custom look that suits your client’s eye shape, existing eyelashes, lifestyle and daily routine. Our job as artists/stylists is to focus on health, and proper application rather than counting lashes or applying lashes that are too thick for the client. 

Master Lash Artist


Certified Lash Extension Training

Advanced Lash Techniques

4000 hours of lash application

Professional Eyelash Extensions and Certified Lash Extension Training. Buy eyelash extension products in our online webstore. Edmonton Alberta